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Which Landscaping Service Can You Do in Each of the Seasons?

What Can You Do in Each of the Four Seasons?

Are you ready to garden? Before you hire a landscaping service to do anything to your lawn, let’s talk about what you can do with your landscape throughout the four seasons.

What Can You Do in Each of the Four Seasons?


The best time to tidy up your garden after a long, cold winter is in the spring. You can replant, fertilize, and scatter seeds, and mulch flowerbeds with your existing plants during this time. However, existing plants are required for each of these activities. However, redesigning your entire landscape at this time of year is not a good idea because new plants may take over the ones you already have. Existing bulbs could be uprooted, putting flowerbeds in danger.


This lovely weather creates the desire to work on landscaping improvements like a garden path or patio because the lovely daylight lasts longer. However, it is not recommended to redesign the entire landscape at this time either because the temperature may soar during the summer and wilt the plants. Also, since this is the best time to go on vacation, you won’t be taking care of new plants when you leave. Don’t let your vacation pass you by. Set the redesign of the landscape for the following season.


The best time of year to redesign and update your landscaping is in the fall. Since there are no overnight frosts this time of year, it is simple to water new plants. By planting trees, shrubs, and perennials now, you can give them time to grow roots and get ready for spring.


You probably won’t be redesigning your garden this winter. During this time of year, however, you can concentrate on getting the snow off your lawn. Also, now is a great time to plan for the spring and what you want to do in your garden by then.

Fall is the best time to redesign a landscape. However, for year-round expert landscaping service, contact Northeast Landscaping Services in the Newcastle, WA region. Call us at (206) 580-0924.

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