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Residential Landscaping Tips

Important Things to Consider When Planning Your Landscape Design  

In order for your to get the most out of your garden, try to think of it as another room in your home. Just as your home comes with well-defined and carefully planned out rooms, so should your residential landscaping; by using your materials wisely, you can create in essence different spaces within your landscape.

And, you also need to remember to link each individual space. How will you move from one area to another, consider creating openings that will encourage the exploration of your garden, that will keep people moving throughout the garden?

Making your plants work for you

You will need to determine early in your planning how your plants will function, as they can be used in a number of different ways. For example, they can provide fresh and delicious fruits and vegetables, stunning scenery, intoxicating aromas, and so much more.

Plants can also be used as barriers that will define areas in your landscape, in addition to identifying where your landscape ends.

Strategically placed plants can be used to change your landscape site conditions. As the likes of temperature, light, and wind will all greatly affect your landscape. The noises in your landscape can also be affected by what you install, for example, a water feature or birdhouse, in addition to any physical barriers that ensure your garden is kept well insulated from noises outside your landscape.

Structuring your plantings

Consider your visual planes when it comes to choosing plants. Start from the area above you, and think about the overhead plane, as this may include archways and trees. Moving on to the vertical plane, you will need to determine how closely spaced plants need to be, how plants are layered, as well as the individual heights and widths of your plants.

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