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Residential Landscape Maintenance Tips

Residential Landscaping Tips

Most homeowners dream of having residential landscaping that is worthy to grace the cover of a magazine. They try hard to maintain their lawns, however, most fail in doing so. It is not an easy job to keep a good lawn, as most simply do not have the time or energy to invest in their lawns. The beauty of a property can increase by having good landscaping, but most homeowners lack the knowledge, skill, and time needed to achieve it.

Below are a few tips that you can try to have fantastic residential landscaping without having to invest hours of sweat equity.

Check the Soil

Before you plant anything in your garden, always check the soil conditions and make sure you choose plants that are based on the type of soil you have. Also, check the weather and light that your garden receives throughout the year, as this will also help you to choose the right plants for your garden.

Creating a Design

Make a sketch of your garden and add in where you want plants, trees, grass, and other elements. You can also take it to your local nursery and ask for help choosing all of the aforementioned.

Plant more shade trees

Plan for trees that offer shade, as this will provide you with space to relax in your garden. And, choose plants that are native to your area, and plant them in their preferred areas, such as full sun or partial, and you will find that little to no work is needed for them to grow and look fabulous.

Growing Grass

Grow grass that suits your environment, and be careful when mowing. Mow your grass regularly, however, practice caution. Use the rule of thirds, this is to never mow the grass more than a third of its height. Cutting grass like this is time-consuming we agree, however, the grass can be used for natural compost, which in turn will help your lawn to keep healthy.

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