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Principles of Landscape Design

Residential Landscaping Tips

Almost anyone can create visually pleasing residential landscaping by following these four principles of design.

  1. Balance

  2. Focalization

  3. Simplicity

  4. Rhythm and Line


This is a state of being and visual. Most people like looking at landscapes that have balance, and there are 2 types of balance, which are symmetrical and asymmetrical.


Every good design will have a focal point, this is where the viewer’s eye is attracted to first. Focalization is often called the focalization of interest or focal point. This will be the strongest element in the design. For example, a home’s focal point is usually the front door. A landscape focal point is often something that is close to the front door and enhances the entrance.


This is exactly what the name implies. Keeping a landscape simple, and not cluttered or fussy is always a good thing. Many landscapes will come with complex features, that includes architectural design, water features, and lighting. Landscapes that make people feel both happy and comfortable usually do not have too many colors, shapes, curves, and textures, but this does not mean that it is simplistic, boring, or lacks imagination.

Rhythm and line

When something in a landscape is repeated, a rhythm is established. In landscaping, the interval is often space. Plants, groups of plants, benches, or other structures are repeated within the design to create a rhythm. Lines within landscaping are created by the shape and form of the plantings, sidewalks, where the turf hits the pavement, and other hardscaping features. The rhythm and line design principle are what gives the landscaping a sense of movement, and what may draw you “into” it.

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