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Planting the Best Bamboo for Your Property Through Landscaping Service

Various Bamboo Types for the Garden and Home

There is one group of plants that will perfectly blend with any type of garden, whether it be Oriental, gorgeously tropical, or modern: bamboo. Bamboo is a high, exquisite, and magnificent plant that has been raised for several millennia. This plant is ideal for the role of a feature plant in addition to acting as a privacy screen or hedge. There are different types of bamboo plants offered by landscaping service providers for your yard. These are:

Clumping bamboo

Is a type of bamboo that will clump together into a bush. It can grow to around 3–4 feet tall when it is mature. The bamboo is gray-green, and it has long, softly jointed fingers. These have many uses in landscaping, especially since they are so easy to cut and don’t need much attention. The only problem with this type of bamboo is that it will eventually become infested with bamboo mealybugs. So make sure you treat this bamboo with a safe and effective pesticide. This bamboo is used for landscaping, so it needs to be watered from time to time.

Sprawling bamboo

This is a type of bamboo that will grow to around 10 feet tall. It is gray-green and has long jointed fingers. These plants are very fast-growing, and they spread out and become very obese. They are good for xeriscaping, and they can also be used as privacy screens. Their only downside is that they are so tall. You need good bamboo for landscaping to keep these under control, especially when they get too tall and start to damage roadways and buildings.

Raft bamboo

This type of bamboo is used for landscaping. It is green, and it has long jointed fingers. This bamboo is also known as running bamboo. It is used for creating rock structures in landscaping. It will create a natural-looking foundation for your landscaping project. If you want something robust and long-lasting, this is a fantastic option. This can be used to build arches, arbors, and other structures in your landscaping project.

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