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Reap the Rewards of Utilizing Compost and Get Greener Landscapes Now!

Every green thumb out there knows about the importance of soil health and its role in the development of a garden. A healthy, inviting soil is the foundation for lush landscaping design, especially for nutrient-rich gardens. One way to keep your soil healthy and thriving all year round is by adding compost to your landscaping. Composting can help minimize the amount of water, fertilizers, and pesticides used. And a well-versed landscaper can make all your ideas happen with no fuss.

In this blog, we explore how compost can enhance the overall health of your landscape and the easiest way to add it to the mix.

What is Compost, Really?

Compost is a type of natural fertilizer. It’s actually created by the decomposition of decayed left-over organic materials like food scraps, leaves, and grass clippings. Compost is a rich source of essential nutrients such as phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium, which are necessary for the healthy growth of plants. It is a sustainable and ecological solution for maintaining landscapes and gardens.

The Benefits of Compost

Compost contains essential nutrients needed for healthy plant growth, encourages better root growth, and has a greater water-holding capacity that helps retain moisture, improve soil structure, and reduce erosion. It also breaks down toxins and pollutants in the soil, making it safer and healthier for gardening and landscaping purposes. Additionally, adding compost to your soil can improve the air quality of your garden.

How to Apply Compost?

The easiest and most efficient way to apply compost to your landscape is to spread the compost using a shovel evenly over the surface of the soil. To ensure the most effective nutrient breakdown and penetration, you can use a tiller to incorporate the layered compost mix into the soil.

Always Keep in Mind

Compost leaches nutrients as it degrades, so it’s best to reapply compost to your landscape regularly every two to three months. To ensure the health of your landscape, it is also essential to remove any dead and decaying matter, as well as weeds, which can take nourishment away from the compost mix. Skip all the hassle and hire a professional to really make these things easier for you!

If you’re looking to make your landscape healthier and greener this summer, discover the power of compost! Contact Northeast Landscaping Services, your trusted landscaper in the area, for more information and to know how to get started. We are based on Newcastle, WA and you can now easily reach us at (206) 580-0924 should you become ready to use our services or to simply inquire about our offers.

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