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The Best Trees to Plant for Cold Areas

The first thing to consider before planting any tree is the climate of where it will be planted! This is something many people tend to miss completely. Knowing the local weather patterns and their seasonal patterns goes a long way to understanding which trees thrive in the areas you are planning to plant. The following is a list of trees that can handle the cold successfully. You can find out more about the tree’s climate requirements from your trusted landscaping service provider.

Here are some of your best choices:

Pine Trees

These are great choices for colder climate areas. They are one of the most popular trees for many reasons. They are one of the few trees that can thrive in part shade, which means there is enough sunlight to grow and produce flowers during the long winter months. They are also one of the few trees that can thrive in tight spaces. You will also be happy to know that they are one of the few trees that don’t require much maintenance.

Oak Trees

These trees are also a great choice for cold areas. They are native to areas that have cooler summers. This means they can handle the cold better than most other trees. They are also excellent choices for people who live in areas that experience long cold seasons. They are excellent choices for people who want to have a tree that will remain green all year round.

Hickory Trees

You can also consider hickory trees when you want to plant trees in areas that experience cold weather. These trees are from the pecan family and prefer more humid climates. They are also very resistant to cold and can survive in areas that experience temperatures that don’t drop below -20 degrees Fahrenheit. They will also manage to survive in areas that experience temperatures that drop to -40 degrees Fahrenheit.

There are many other trees that can survive in cold areas as well. If you are looking to add more trees to your landscaping, consider these as options. Also, check with your landscaper before planting because they can help you pick the right trees for your area! If you are around Newcastle, WA, you can always trust Northeast Landscaping Services to help you with your landscaping needs. Give us a call at (206) 580-0924 to know more about our landscaping service!

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