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Landscaping Service Methods of Growing Bridal Wreath Spirea

Bridal Wreath Spirea Proper Care

With any normal soil and a place with full light, this shrub is quite simple to cultivate. Once established, it can handle mild shade and has a respectable tolerance for brief periods of dryness. It should be planted at the same depth it was growing in its nursery container, like most shrubs, in a neatly dug hole. If you’re planting in a row or mass, leave at least 3 feet between each plant; for a looser mass, leave 4 to 6 feet between each plant. If you want to cultivate one, you can either consult your neighborhood landscaping services about correct cultivation or use the following advice:


The bridal wreath spirea can survive brief droughts but loves to thrive in damp, well-drained soil. Whenever there is less than an inch of rain throughout the summer, water the plants once a week. Water the plants often throughout the first full growing season after planting, while they are establishing themselves.


The soil beneath the plant should have a 2-inch layer of compost added each spring. Typically, this is plenty to nourish the plant and will also aid in moisture retention and weed prevention. Further fertilization is not required and could potentially inhibit flowering.


This shrub will thrive in a location in your garden that gets full sun; it can also survive some shade, but it will blossom less. Young bridal wreath spirea bushes should be planted with lots of space between them. If planted too closely together, they will grow and interfere with each other’s ability to see.


This plant does not have a preference for the kind of soil it is grown in; it may prosper in clay, loam, and even acidic soils. Its primary requirement is well-draining soil, which prevents the roots from ever sitting in water.

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