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Landscaper Tips

Landscaping Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

Ask any professional landscaper and they will tell you, that your garden is indeed a living, breathing thing, that will act as an extension to your home. Memories will be made there, ranging from family barbecues to birthdays. And, with the right care, it can be a perfect oasis for both you and your loved ones. However, on the flip side, a lack of proper care will leave it looking like a barren wasteland, or overgrown jungle.

Planting Too Close to Your Home

Planting trees and shrubs too close to your home is a big mistake. This is because overgrown trees can end up coming into contact with your roofing materials, which has the potential to damage your roof. Also, shrubs that are too close to your home can damage the foundations as the roots will continue to grow and punch through the foundations. Not to mention, planting trees and shrubs next to your home does make it easier for pests to gain entrance.

Keeping Your Lawn too Short

While short golf course grass does look beautiful, it is not the way to go. Mowing your lawn too much and keeping grass too short will eventually prevent the grass from performing what is known as photosynthesis, this will stop the roots from growing properly, and will damage any exposed soil. To make sure that your lawn can absorb nutrients and stay healthy, you should make sure to keep your grass no less than 2.5-3 inches tall.

Putting Plants in the Wrong Spot

Each plant comes with its specific needs with regards to watering and sunlight. Meaning placing a plant somewhere simply because it looks good is a big mistake, that will often end up being the demise of it. Instead, take the needs of the plant into consideration, and look for the perfect spot to plant it in your landscape.

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