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Landscaper Tips

Landscaping Tips

Any professional landscaper will tell you, that the design you choose will be influenced by how it is used. Lawns are the perfect place for kids and pets to play, however, they will have to be maintained more often. Trees that offer shade will ensure your landscape is kept cool during the summer weather. A landscape that has colorful shrubs provides more curb appeal.

When you are planning your landscape, in addition to how you will use it, you will also need to consider factors such as the climate, sun and shade areas, and the maintenance schedule. This will all play a huge part in how often your landscape will receive rainfall and whether your plants need to be prepared for a warm or cool climate. Although the plant choice depends on your region, you can still have a functional and attractive landscape that has water-efficient plants.

Aerate the soil

The soil will often become compacted during construction or due to foot traffic. Aerating your soil will increase the infiltration of water, which in turn improves water flow to the plant’s roots, in addition to reducing water runoff.

Use mulch that will save on water and improve overall soil health

In addition to making your landscape more attractive, mulch will provide another layer between the roots and air, thus helping to protect plants in various ways. Mulch can help to reduce evaporation, which will allow the soil to retain water for longer and means plants do not need as much watering. Mulch will also help plants to thrive by reducing weed growth, preventing soil erosion, and moderating soil temperature.

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