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Landscape Maintenance Guidelines

What to Expect from Landscaping Contracts

How do you know if your landscape maintenance contract covers everything it ought to? Do you know what you need to be asking your landscaper to be sure that your property looks good all year round? The following tips can help you to better understand what to look for in your maintenance contract:

  • Make sure that the contract includes all the necessary maintenance functions. This should include all the services needed to ensure your landscape stays healthy and looking good, and should include mowing, fertilization and pest control, spring cleanup, mulching, insect treatments, leaf removal, in addition to edging and trimming. Some contracts will often include aeration and overseeding.

  • Knowing when you should receive different services. Make sure that your contract includes a list of services that shows a clear and concise timeline. It needs to detail what times of the year when you receive each service.

  • Make sure that your contract is detailed. Talk to your landscaper about every aspect of your contract. And be sure that you fully understand what will be covered and that all relevant details are included in the contract.

  • Understanding what is not covered. This part is just as important to understand, as some contracts do not cover plant replacement, snow removal, seasonal color, and any special projects or repairs. If these are services that you want, you need to talk to your landscaper about them.

  • Tracking each cost. It will be helpful to have a contract that shows what each item costs, for example, mowing, spring cleanup, mulching, etc. That way it will be easier for you to remain on budget throughout the year, whether there are any extra costs, and if so, which services will take you over budget.

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