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Reasons Your Landscape Is Dying

A beautiful landscape can drastically improve the aesthetic of a property, adding value to the home and providing an oasis of greenery and life. Most homeowners love to spend time in their gardens, but sadly, maintaining a living and vibrant garden is often easier said than done. But it can actually be easier if you hire a trusted landscaper.

Now if you notice problems with your landscape, it could be due to the following reasons:

Improper Watering

One of the primary reasons your garden beds may be dying is because of improper watering. Most signs of water stress are visible in the form of withered brown foliage and rotting flowers due to fluctuations in temperature and spoiling. To avoid these issues, irregular garden beds need to have water applied deeply and properly so that it reaches the plant’s root system. Without regular and sufficient watering, plant life won’t be able to sustain itself.

Wrong Fertilizing Methods

Fertilizers are also necessary for a thriving garden, and just as plants need certain amounts of water, they also need to be provided with certain amounts of necessary nutrients. But fertilizing too heavily can actually lead to your garden beds dying. Too much fertilizer can be just as bad as too little, as it can burn the plants and lead to leaf discoloration and even dead plants.

Wrong Environment

While some plants are naturally adapted to thrive in all sorts of environments, most are sensitive to the environment in which they are planted. Applying too much, or too little, sunlight, or using the wrong soil or pH levels can lead to significant damage and eventually end up in dead plants. Understanding the ideal environment of your garden beds and aligning that with the environment you have is essential for a healthy garden.

Overlooking Insects

Seasonal pests, insects, and animals can be major threats to your garden beds. Keeping an eye out for potential insect infestations and treating them immediately can be the difference between a thriving garden and one that’s slowly dying.

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