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A Guide for a Successful Landscape Maintenance

Guide to Managing Pests and Diseases in Your Garden This Summer

The summer months bring warmer temperatures, plenty of sunshine, and the return of garden pests and diseases. While the weather may be pleasant, these pests and diseases can ruin blooms and greenery, resulting in unsightly landscapes. Fortunately, there are landscape maintenance steps you can take this summer to minimize pest and disease problems in your garden.

Be Selective When Planting

When it comes to reducing pests and diseases in your garden, choosing pest and disease-resistant plants is key. Be sure to select plants that are native to your region and that are not prone to common insects and diseases. Additionally, plants should be spaced properly to prevent overcrowding and to increase air circulation, which can help reduce the spread of pests and diseases.

Maintain Healthy Soil

Having healthy soil is essential for a thriving garden. Be sure to keep soil pH levels between 6 and 7, add the right amount of fertilizer, and water the root system rather than just the foliage. Removing potential hiding spots for pests, such as fallen leaves or mulch, can also be helpful. Adding organic material to the soil can help retain moisture, promote drainage and encourage beneficial organisms, like earthworms, which will help keep the soil healthy.

Monitor and Take Action

One of the most important steps you can take to prevent pest and disease outbreaks in your garden is to regularly monitor and inspect your plants. Check for the signs of common pests and diseases, such as wilting leaves or the presence of pests. If you manage to catch an outbreak early on, you can take preventive measures such as spraying appropriate chemicals or manually removing the pests.

With proper planning and maintenance, you can enjoy a beautiful and healthy garden this summer. By selecting disease-resistant plants, maintaining healthy soil, and regularly monitoring your garden, you can reduce the chances of pest and disease outbreaks.

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