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4 Winter Yard Maintenance Tips to Look For

Maintaining Your Yard Functional During Winter

Although the cold of winter has set in and your lawnmower is stored away for the year, don’t relax just yet! Lawn care services don’t end just because the weather has turned cold. While your lawn requires more maintenance in spring, summer, and fall, there are things you can do in the winter months to make sure you have a healthy, green lawn when the weather warms in the spring. Check out these 4 tips for winter yard maintenance.

Clean Up The Yard

Early winter is the perfect time to rake up any matted areas as these can lead to old. Raking and mowing the debris in winter also encourages better airflow throughout the grass in your yard to prevent both disease and insect infestation. When new grass starts to grow in the spring, having the debris cleared away will allow them to grow without a struggle.

Repair Your Lawn

Winter can do a number on your yard with its harsh weather and cold temperatures. When spring comes around, you may need to make some much-needed repairs to your lawn. Spring is a great time to reseed any damaged areas that developed over the winter months.


Applying fertilizer in the late winter/early spring can jump-start your lawn from its dormant winter state. Fertilizer provides a build-up of nutrients that will provide it with the strength it needs to withstand heat stress and drought throughout the warmer summer months.

Keep Off The Lawn

Try to avoid lawn traffic as much as possible in the winter months; walking on your lawn too much can weaken even the strongest grass if the same path is walked over too many times. Make use of sidewalks and never allow anyone to park a car or truck on your lawn, as this will leave impressions in the soil and kill grass that’s underneath the tires.

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