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3 Landscaping Tricks and Tips to Up Your Curb Appeal From a Landscaping Service Expert

Upgrading Your Property’s Curb Appeal

Curb appeal, or how your property is viewed from the street, is just as big a deal for commercial properties as it is for residential properties. Lovely landscaping is appealing and can create an environment that is better for your employees or tenants. It also helps in giving people a favorable opinion of your business. Using commercial landscaping, you can give the public the best image of your organization.

Keep reading below for tips and tricks to help you up your curb appeal game from a landscaping service expert.

Focus on Your Entrance Ways

The entrance to your building is like the window to your building’s soul. You’ll want it to be an inviting space that encourages clients and employees to come in and stay. A few potted plants and small shrubs can go a long way. Ensure your building always has that well-maintained look by keeping trash and other debris away from the entrance. For that cherry on top, have the lawn decorated using different materials with various textures and colors.

Green It Up

As we mentioned above, plants can be miraculous in how they change a space. You can even use plants more practically by using them to frame your company sign. Often these small things are what catch a customer’s eye. Just be sure you choose plants that complement your building and landscaping style.

Highlight Your Property with Pavement and Hardscaping

Plants are one of many ways to use decorative features to improve the landscape. You can use stone fountains, walkways, and walls to create a pleasant environment around your property. Remember that these areas need to be repaired to prevent your property from looking rundown.

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